Logistic Solutions

Providing efficent logistic solutions.


We offer a full range of transport services. With our long experience of logistics our customers can rely on that the service is cost efficient and full fills a high technical standard with respect for the environmental requirements. We ensure in many ways that our service is competitive on all our key markets in the Northern Europe – also in the future.

Why choose us?

With us, our customers can leave everything in our hands and concentrate on their own core business. They know that we will try to reduce the costs for them without jeopardising safety or quality. We are committed to our business.

Where do we operate?

We operate in the Northern Europe, Finland, the Baltic Sea region, the North Sea, Russia and other CIS countries. Our product range includes multimodal transports, distribution and terminal services for different commodities. We also provide project-related transport services – all the customers need for their valuable cargo, including door-to-door deliveries.