Our main services include logistics, shipping and chartering. We can also serve you in your forwarding, agency and management requirements. The latest addition to the group is the Port of Tolkkinen, a privately owned commercial port located next to Porvoo. We provide expertise backed with an exceptional level of dedication.

Work for Prima Shipping?

Making life easy for our

Clients in their chartering

and operational requirements.

Our market knowledge and close relations with main market players means we can make things easy for our Customers as their agent. It means avoiding hassle, minimizing possible delays and in general saving time and costs. This means satisfied Customers, which makes us happy.

Our fleet is reliable and well suited for the Northern conditions and all certified according to the ISM and ISPS code. Our vessels have been sailing under the Finnish flag, since 1987.

Our size is our strength

To us being a family business means that we pride ourselves in taking good care of our clients. Always being there for them. From start to finish, from door to door, with that personal touch. Our services include logistics, shipping, chartering, agency, forwarding and management. We provide expertise backed with an exceptional level of dedication. An expert in the Northern seas.

We are a trustworthy partner even in the harshest condtions. Our crew of seasoned sailors knows the tough Nortern seas. The members of our office staff are no lanlubbers either but can use their vast experience in shipping to benefit the clients.

Why do our clients choose us?

Because with us they can leave everything in our hands and concentrate in their own core business. Because they know we will try to reduce the costs for them, without jeopardizing safety or quality. Because we are committed to our business. Prima Logistics operates in Finland, the Baltic Sea, Russia and other CIS countries. Our product range includes multimodal transports, distribution and terminal services for different commodities. We also provide project-related transport services – all the clients need for their valuable cargo including door-to-door deliveries.

The springboard for our family business, Prima Shipping, continues to deliver safe and reliable shipping solutions.

Prima Fleet

Our fleet has reliable vessels well suited for the Northern conditions. Their experienced crews consist of trustworthy sailors who know the rough seas and extreme weather. All prima owned vessels sail under the Finnish flag and mainly manned by a Finnish crew.

A safe partner

We do our utmost to guarantee the safety of our operations. Our ships are certified according to the ISM code, the internatioal certification ensuring safety and environmental protection. We believe in keeping our work environment clean and safe. That is why we are dedicated to taking care of the Baltic Sea whose fragile ecosystem is threatened. We choose the most eco-friendly products and services while keeping cost- efficiency in mind. Quite often a low environmental impact means savings for our clients, too.

Prima Shipping in a nutshell
  • Group turnover excess 22,0 M € in 2019
  • Cargoes include bulk, general cargo and project cargoes.
  • Personnel approx. 100
Contact Us
  • tel. +358 19 52 111 00
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Prima Shipping


Prima Shipping Group is a family-run company founded in 1987 by father and son, Leif and Christian Grönqvist. The Grönqvist family has carried out merchant shipping for more than half a century. Grandfather Runar Grönqvist built his first vessel, the Galeas Margaretha, in 1947. Prima Shipping started with one vessel, the M/S Prima and continued to expand its fleet in the 1990’s.

Since 2011 Prima Logistics has been running the Port of Tolkkinen. Also our offices are located on the harbor area. Tolkkinen is situated in the Porvoo region, only 50 km east of Helsinki and just 5.5 km away from the Helsinki–Kotka motorway (E18).

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